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Maor @ Home – Summer 2020



Who is NCSY Camp Maor? 

NCSY Camp Maor is a performing arts overnight camp for Orthodox Jewish girls entering our 7th summer. Jewish girls from around the world come to Camp Maor to meet new friends, learn new skills and develop their self-confidence through the medium of the performing arts. 

What is Maor@Home?

Maor @ Home is an opportunity for our girls to be a part of a warm and wholesome camp community while having the opportunity to develop new skills along with their self-confidence through the medium of the performing arts. NCSY Camp Maor’s warm and inspiring staff members will guide our campers in a small class setting through experiential Torah education classes; skills based performing arts sessions in theater, voice, dance and the visual arts; curriculum building performance based programs and unifying and fun theme days and night activities.

Why NCSY Camp Maor?

As a fairly new camp entering our 7th summer, NCSY Camp Maor is uniquely positioned to run a fun, engaging and inspiring Maor@Home program for summer 2020. While more than anything we wanted to be in camp with our campers and staff this summer, we also understand how to create a warm, thriving and meaningful camp program from nothing. This will be camp and your daughter will be a part of our wholesome and growth oriented camp family. She will have the opportunity to learn new skills from our high level performing arts professionals, breathe in Torah through our inspiring shiur program, work towards a meaningful final performance, give back while participating in chessed activities, hear from special guest artists and make life-long friendships while during theme day special programs and one of a kind night activities. Our unique success-breeds-success program will translate beautifully to this new Maor@Home experience.  

Who is Maor@Home for?

Similar to NCSY Camp Maor, our Maor@Home program is for Jewish girls currently in 3rd-10th grades. We are running this program for our Summer 2020 registered campers and for new campers to join in the fun too. Our schedule is designed to accommodate all our campers from the West Coast to Israel. 

What are the dates of Maor@Home?

June 29th – July 2nd is camper orientation week. Please email Camp Director Sari Kahn if your daughter would like to join us for a sample class during our orientation week. Our full Maor@Home program is running from July 6th-July 31st.

What days of the week will Maor@Home run?

Maor@Home will run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so that campers can enjoy long weekends with their families. 

Why would my daughter want to be on a screen after being on a screen for so many weeks of school?

As you already know the camp experience is completely different than school. We are confident that our program will recreate this warm camp feeling at home and our program, led by camp, chinuch and performing arts professionals, will keep your daughter motivated and excited every day. Our camp professionals have created the community, excitement and ruach, our chinuch directors have created the meaningful experiential Torah education and our performing arts professional staff have created the arts curriculum designed to teach your daughter new skills, the importance of collaborative achievement and the accomplishment of working towards a unified goal. 

What does a typical day of Maor@Home look like?

Your daughter will choose one area of concentration,  one specialty, learn Torah in our experiential education program, participate in either a chessed activity, special program or workshop and enjoy fun unique night activities in the evening. 

Does my daughter get to pick and choose her Maor@Home day or is the schedule preset for her?

Our program is a growth oriented concept where we believe that success breeds success. Campers will participate in daily activities building and mastering new skills under the careful guidance of our NCSY Camp Maor professional artists. At times a special program or activity will be offered, but this program is designed to be a true Maor@Home experience. 

Will there be night activities?

Of course! Maor@Home will provide a range of small-group activities and full camp programs that will highlight some NCSY Camp Maor favorites as well as some new and exciting activities. 

How can we see the Final Performance if there’s no physical camp to visit?

Great question! Each camper will record her performance and our PR team will stitch all the clips together to create a  seamless performance.  Our camp families will be invited to a “watch party” to view the performances and kvell at their daughter’s achievements. 

How does that work with the girls singing and dancing? 

We kindly request that men and boys over the age of 9 do not participate in the watching of the song and dance videos. There will be a disclaimer at the beginning of the film as well as prior to the singing and dancing elements of the video that the video is for women only.  The videos are not to be shared outside of the camp family. 

Will NCSY Camp Maor’s staff be teaching the classes?

Yes. Our staff believes in our program and is committed to Maor@Home this summer. They believe that our program needs to be a part of young Jewish girls development and growth. 

How does Judaism play a part in the Maor@Home experience?

Every summer we choose a camp theme that is then infused into our daily experiential chinuch program.  The campers will have one Shiur or Chaburah session per day. 

What is this year’s theme of Maor@Home?

This year our theme is #gratitudetogreatness. Child psychologists have explained during this pandemic that teaching our children how to thrive at this time will instill perseverance in them and help them get through this. Teaching our children how to flex their gratitude muscle will help them overcome this challenging time and help lead them achieve greatness. 

Will my daughter be in a “bunk” with other girls her age?

Yes. Campers will be divided into bunks for bunk time activities daily. There will be counselors monitoring the girls’ well-being as well as coordinating activities to create a “bunk” feel. 

How much does Maor@Home cost?

The cost is $1,000 for any campers who are currently registered for NCSY Camp Maor’s 2020 season and is $1,200 for any new camper.

Will I be refunded the money I paid for NCSY Camp Maor for summer 2020?

Yes, anyone who does not participate in Maor@Home will be completely refunded for summer 2020. If your daughter participates in this program we will refund you everything up to $1,000. 

How do I register for Maor@Home?

Since your daughter is already registered for summer 2020 all you have to do is fill out the form through this link to register for Maor@Home.

What safety measures will be in place?

We have been working with our  psychologists, lawyers and camp professionals on the best way to keep everyone safe. 

Will there be an information session?

Yes. We will be hosting  Zoom conference calls to explain this new program on the following dates:

  •  Current NCSY Camp Maor campers and parents on May 25th. 
  • New parents on June 2nd.
  • New campers and parents June 4th.


Letter from the Camp Director

Dear NCSY Camp Maor Families, 

In 2014, I dreamed of an oasis in the Poconos where Jewish girls would have the opportunity to learn new skills, test their limits and develop self confidence through the medium of the performing arts in a warm and wholesome environment. The commitment and dedication that our staff showed our first year made me realize that this camp was not just a summer experience, but it was a unified community living a life of Torah through the lens of the performing arts. 

After our second summer, we partnered with NCSY Summer and every summer since our camp program has improved. With the feedback we received each summer from our staff, campers and parents we worked to improve our program leading up to this past summer, which was described by many as our best summer yet. Working with an extremely creative staff that believes in the importance of this program and partnering with parents and campers along our path has made us a camp that is both innovative and empathetic preparing us for our biggest challenge yet: the summer of 2020

Over the past couple of months David Cutler, the Director of NCSY Summer, and I have been meeting with camp professionals around the country, camp directors who run camps in Pennsylvania and New York and the Foundation for Jewish Camp. Additionally, we have been closely monitoring the CDC’s reports and following the American Camping Association’s guidance. Through all of these conversations we have come to the same conclusion, it will not be safe for our campers, staff and campers’ families, for NCSY Camp Maor to run in person this summer.

How did we come to this conclusion? As our parents know, NCSY Camp Maor always communicates with complete transparency and that safety is our number one priority. While there is much that we do know about this virus, there is also so much that we do not yet know. The science seems to change rapidly, testing is not yet 100% accurate and it is not widely available for on-site testing at summer camps. Any attempt to create a “camp bubble” is filled with too many holes and the local hospitals are ill equipped to accommodate a drastic increase in patients. My campers’ and staff’s safety is of the utmost important to me and, while I know how extremely disappointing and upsetting this decision is, I know it is what is best for our camp community. We, at NCSY Camp Maor, are very proud that half of our campers and many of our staff members live out of the Tri-State area. This helps us create a geographically diverse camp community, but running an in-person camp this summer would. therefore, be prohibitive to too many members of our camp community due to mandatory self-quarantining as well as travel restrictions.

What are our plans for moving forward? Just like in our first year of camp, our amazing NCSY Camp Maor staff, starting with David Cutler and the leadership within the Orthodox Union and NCSY, followed by our Assistant Director, Chinuch Staff, Professional Artists, Head Counselors, Ruach Coordinator, Camper Care Team and Counselors are all behind our new vision for Summer 2020. Which means that while we were meeting with camp professionals and health experts, we have also been working on Maor@Home! We may need to be physically distant this summer, so we have created an exciting and innovative way for us to be socially together.

What exactly is Maor@Home? Maor@Home is a four week, half-day program that will take place Monday through Thursday from June 29th – July 27th. The schedule was created so that our campers from across four different time zones will be able to participate in our goal-oriented programming. Fridays were left open so camp families can travel to family or friends for Shabbos once that option becomes a reality.

  • Bunk Time →  Each camp “day” will begin and end with bunk time to connect with your friends and counselors through innovative Zoom games created by the camping community. 
  • Concentration → Campers will choose their concentration in Acting, Singing or Dancing where they will work towards a Final Performance with our amazing professionals. All of our performances will be filmed and edited and then shared “Viewing Party” style about a week after camp ends. These performances have been specifically designed for the Zoom platform. 
  • Master Class → Additionally, campers will attend daily Master Classes in either Stage, Voice, Dance or the Visual Arts where they will work on improving skills in one of these areas. There will be a Festival of the Arts to showcase these classes.
  • Shiur → Of course, campers will attend our experiential shiur program every day based on our summer’s theme “Gratitude to Greatness”. 
  • Workshop, Chesed and Special Programs → Campers will also engage in chesed projects, take part in workshops led by makeup artists and costume designers and have  special guests and surprises to keep our campers on their toes!
  • Evening Programs → We will host our one-of-a-kind NCSY Camp Maor Havdalah because it would not be camp without it! Havdalah will be recorded to share with those who are not in Eastern Daylight Time. Additionally, there will be night activities several times a week. 
  • Camp Box → Prior to the program, all campers will receive a Maor@Home box which includes swag and supplies before camp begins. 

We know that this program will not replace camp, but it is the best place holder we can imagine for this summer. 

Sounds amazing! What’s next? To move forward with Maor@Home we are asking our registered Summer 2020 families to take this next step with us and fill out this form to let us know if your daughter will be able to participate in Maor@Home this summer. We understand that this program may not work for all campers and all families, and would appreciate all of your feedback in this survey even if you are unsure at this time. We are offering a $50 discount to all Summer 2020 registered families who register by this Thursday, May 28th. With enough interest from our current campers, we will then be able to open up registration to the general public. However, space is limited as we are capping class sizes at 12 campers per class. 

So…how much will this cost? Registered campers who sign up by Thursday, May 28th will only pay $950, an amount that most campers have already paid! After that date, Maor@Home costs $1,000 for any camper who had previously registered for Summer 2020. New campers will  cost $1200 to register for Maor@Home. In order for us to be ready to open on June 29th, registration will close Monday June 15, 2020.

What if I already paid more than that or this program doesn’t work for us this summer? A member of the NCSY Summer team will be in touch soon regarding your payments made thus far.  NCSY Summer will absolutely refund 100% of the tuition for any camper who is not able/does not wish to participate in our Maor@Home program.  We will also refund anything overpaid for any campers who are registering for Maor@Home. Additionally, NCSY Summer would greatly appreciate it if you would consider donating your deposit/payments to help us recoup our operational expenses already paid, putting us in a better position to launch Summer 2021.  

Please be aware that it will take some time for refunds to be processed – one of the NCSY Summer team members will be in touch with all registered campers’ parents in the coming weeks to explain how you will receive your refund. If you need to receive your refund earlier than late June, please be in touch with Amy Mauskopf at

While we all wanted to be together in camp this summer, we are excited for our Maor@Home program and this new way that our camp community can come together this summer. We understand that this information is a lot to take in at one time for both campers and parents and suggest that all parents check in with your daughter tomorrow to see if she has any questions  about NCSY Camp Maor’s summer 2020 decision and plan, Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions at

Stay safe and healthy and of course keep shining, 

Sari Kahn and the NCSY Camp Maor Crew