A Message from Rabbi Josh and Rebbetzin Bethany

Dear Parents, It has truly been a pleasure and a privilege to teach your daughters in Shiur this summer! They are so thoughtful, kind, generous, inquisitive, and insightful, and we feel honored to be able to learn with them! Here at NCSY Camp Maor, Torah

Our Majors Program: By Assistant Director Rena Rubin

In more ways than one, NCSY Camp Maor is not a typical summer program. Aside from the unique way the performing arts are entwined in a Torah environment, the programming here is designed to help campers build skills in areas of their own choosing. One

A Message from Nadine Azoulay, Dance Major Instructor and Choreographer

Dear NCSY Camp Maor Parents,  The NCSY Camp Maor Rivka ladies, intensely explored the basic ballet fundamentals during my choreography coaching. The music choice “Reflections” by Christina Aguilera is contagiously expressive in feeling. The ladies intricately practiced their ballet “port de bras” (carriage of the

Our Performance at Camp HASC

What a magical, memorable day!! Since the day after Tisha B’Av, our campers have been working on their performances in their voice and dance rehearsals with Enny Wax, Rhonda Malkin and Nadine Azoulay respectively. Their hard work was celebrated and put to good use as

A Message from Guest Artist Leah Gottfried

Coming back to Maor every summer is such a pleasure because every summer we seem to top the last one. This year I focused on creating a three episode web series with the girls – a really ambitious project for one weekend. On Friday we spent the

A Message from Enny Wax, Musical Director

Dear NCSY Camp Maor Families,  I CANNOT believe we are more than halfway through with the Best. Camp. EVER!!!  Well, time flies when you’re having fun and let me tell you, we are having SO MUCH FUN!  It is a privilege and honor to be