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About The Trip
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Q:What type of girls attend Camp Maor?


Girls who love to sing, dance and/or act and are looking to be a part of a wholesome environment that helps campers both express themselves and  foster their self confidence through the arts in a Shomer Shabbos, kosher and tznius environment. Maor is a place for the “artsy” girl as well as the “all around girl” who loves sports, swimming and fun night activities. In Maor, campers get the best of both worlds; they work with Juilliard level professionals in the arts while also having time for typical fun camp activities like swimming, sports, arts and “out of the box” night activities.

Q:How many girls attend Camp Maor?


Camp Maor is limited this year to 60 campers to maintain a small camper/professional staff ratio. Will you be one of them?

Q:What does a typical day look like?


Every day in Camp Maor is unique because campers get to choose many of the activities they attend. On a typical day, campers will head off to davening and then breakfast. Campers then start their first set of activities which consist of:

  • Rehearsal for either the play, dance performance or vocal performance
  • Major class in either acting for film or the stage, dance or voice

Following the second activity, everyone goes to lunch and then continues with electives which include (but not limited to):

  • Ju Jitzu
  • Improvisation
  • Piano 101
  • Creating props or painting scenery
  • Gaga or basketball
  • Create your own song
  • Shiur
  • Swimming in the pool or lake

Following electives, campers attend mincha and participate in workshops that discuss the behind the scenes aspects of a play. Finally, at the end of a jam-packed day, dinner is served followed by evening rehearsal and a night activity.

Q:What kind of special trips do you go on?


Girls at Maor go on two major trips. The first is a Broadway show where the girls first attend an exclusive workshop with the musical director and Broadway star to learn a song and dance number from the play they are about to see. Following the workshop, there is a Q & A with the Broadway professionals and then everyone heads off to the show! The second trip is a visit at Camp HASC (a camp for special needs children) where the Maor campers perform for the girls and then an amazing dance party breaks out after our performance!

Q:Do you need to have acting experience to attend?


Absolutely not! Many of our campers receive their first formal performing arts training in Maor. Our professional instructors work at such a high level that they can cater to students from beginners to advanced in the same class.

Q:I love to act, but I have stage fright in front of large crowds. Is that a problem?


Our motto is “success breeds success!” We work with every camper to gradually build up her self confidence through our night activities and various other performance opportunities throughout the session so that by the time she is set to perform on the last day of camp — she is filled with confidence and ready to own the stage.

Q:I love to act, but I can’t carry a tune. Is that a problem?


Many children feel that they do not know how to sing on key. Generally that is because they have not worked with a professional voice instructor before and do not know what they are capable of. We will teach every camper the basics of singing and she will have no problem singing with her friends on stage at our final performance.

Q:Is there a learning component to Camp Maor?


Of course! Our daily shiur program is tied into the theme of the summer. This past summer’s theme was “Where Dreams are Born” and in shiur our campers learned how various characters in Tanach made their dreams into a reality.

Shiur in camp is fun, innovative and exciting. It does not feel like you’re in school or being lectured. Our Maor campers love going to shiur every day where they play games, bake challah or paint a project based on the lesson in shiur that day. In shiur, our campers also participate in camp wide chesed projects like baking cupcakes for secular Jews to give them a sweet taste of Shabbat.  

Q:Is Camp Maor a one year program?


Girls can come to Camp Maor for as many summers as they’d like! Each year, the theme and plays change along with some of our professional staff so there is no repetition, except for having the Best. Summer. Ever.

Q:Does every participant get stage time?


Yes! We have two final performances on the last day of camp. One performance by the younger two divisions and a second performance by the older division. The purpose for this is to give every camper an opportunity to shine on our stage!