Week 2….We are Moving and Grooving Now!


Dear NCSY Camp Maor Families,

This week began with our Tisha B’Av preparation and programming and has ended with many surprises that first began at chatzot the day after the fast. Perfectly timed, as we were clearing the tables and chatzot arrived, “Ivri Anochi” by Benny Friedman blasted through the loudspeakers, the girls screamed and jumped up on their chairs for an improptu dance party to show that, they too, are proud to be Jewish (and party to music again)!  

Rhonda Malkin, our NYC professional Head Choreographer, began teaching the campers the dance for our HASC trip and the Final Performance. Musical Director, Enny Wax, has written three original songs which will be featured in both performances as well. Both Enny and Rhonda have been working diligently on these compositions with the campers. On Sunday, we will begin our Minors program where campers choose whether to sing or dance in two of the songs for the final performance.

During electives, the NCSY campers chose between set design with Kendra, How to Kick Like a Rockette with Rhonda ( a 12 year veteran of the Rockettes), Karaoke and creative writing with our very own camp mom Marni Karpel. Everyone enjoyed (finally) cooling off during swim time at the pool and lake starting Wednesday where the NCSY campers enjoyed the (not-so-hot) hot tub, jumped on the trampoline and went boating.

Our night activities have been a great way for all our NCSY campers to have fun and relax in new and creative ways. On Wednesday night, the NCSY campers were treated to an unbelievable experience: a Silent DJ Glow Dance Party! DJ Dass (aka Head Counselor, Hadassah Frankel) rocked the party with two simultaneous playlists of Bat Mitzvah favorites, Disney classics and MaOriginal dances like “Sing and Dance” and “What Hit ‘Em”. It was such a blast that campers even requested to have an elective where new campers can learn MaOriginal dances. Thursday ended with our one of a kind, “Best of the Worst” staff talent extravaganza. “Best of the Worst” is an opportunity for our staff to perform both their best and worst talents for the campers. Staff members sang, danced, did Pointe, folded emails, made origami creatures, juggled corn (go Sari and Rena!) and played ukelele to show off their skills and talents. After each performer finished her best talent she showed the NCSY campers what her “worst” talent was. The girls were amazed to see some of our staffs’ hidden talents, as well as their ability to be silly and not take themselves too seriously. “Best of the Worst” is a perfect time for our campers to learn that it is ok to not be great at everything as long as they try their best. Nadine Azoulay, Dance Major instructor, was our 2017 winner of “Best of the Worst” for her break dancing which accompanied Miriam counselor, Chana Silver, rapping an original song.

We look forward to a beautiful Shabbos Nachamu together here in camp with our special Shabbos guest our head choreographer Rhonda Malkin (along with her 8-week-old baby Ilan).