Week 3….No Where Else I Want To Be!!!

Dear NCSY Camp Maor Parents, 

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a week it has been. This week started off with voice and dance rehearsals for our HASC performance. Our campers have been working hard all week both in camp and in Manhattan with Rhonda Malkin learning the dance steps and formations, as well as the timing and harmonies for the songs we will be performing in only a couple of days with our musical director Enny Wax. Enny has been working on the three “P’s” in her rehearsals; pitch, projections and phrasing encouraging campers to step out of their comfort zone and to “dare greatly” during rehearsal. Play rehearsals have continued for both “A Little Princess” and “Twelve Angry Women” where all three of our performance groups blocked their plays in their entirety and have begun to run them.

Our NCSY campers enjoyed acting workshops and electives with our guest artist of the week Sydney Blair, a New York based actress and acting coach. Sydney worked with the campers on memorizing tips, improvisational tools and line interpretation. Alongside our resident theater professional, Rachelle Freedman, Sydney taught our Miriam, Esther, Rivka and Leadership Cohort divisions’ major classes preparing them for our Festival of the Arts performance this Sunday. Our dance program this week kept our resident choreographer Nadine Azoulay very busy as she taught and rehearsed each of our four divisions their dance numbers for the Festival of the Arts while also running dance rehearsals for our HASC performance. NCSY Camp Maor voice majors worked on honing their performances with our resident voice instructor Jacqueline Novikov ensuring that they will be prepared to shine at our Festival of the Arts. During electives campers learned how to paint their faces to look like animals, made cake and bread props out of paper mache, sang to their favorite songs during karaoke and navigated an imaginary room with the help of improvisational techniques. 

In shiur this week, we explored what motivates people to “Dare Greatly” for the sake of others, analyzing various examples in the Tanach of people who stood up to help others in need or to make a kiddush Hashem. We also discussed how to apply these lessons in our daily lives as we each strive to become Upstanders in camp, in school, and in our community.

Our special programming this week was truly remarkable. During night activities campers performed Broadway classics with only ten minutes of rehearsal time, had pajama parties while watching movies and ran their hearts out during our amazing race scavenger hunt color run!

Trips were another exciting addition to our weekly programming. On Monday, our leadership cohort went on a special trip to the Salvation Army in Honsedale where they picked out their costumes for their play. They then enjoyed a shopping trip to Walmart followed by a stop at Lake Como Pizza and Sushi for lunch. On Broadway day all campers enjoyed an exclusive workshop where they learned a song and dance number from Kristy Cates, Grandma Josephine from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and then went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! After the show we were privileged to be a part of a behind the scenes talk back with members of the cast which included “Charlie” himself. 

On Friday, we began filming episodes 1 and 2 of a three part interactive web series that will be premiering early this fall. Launched on Tisha B’Av, Leah Gottfried, the creator and director of “Soon by You”, has been working virtually with our campers and staff on our web series and arrived in camp late last night to begin directing and filming the series. Leah along with Leora Veit (our camp filmmaker) and Shaindel Antelis, international Jewish pop music star will be our special guests this Shabbos discussing with our campers what it is like to be a frum female twenty-something working in the arts today. Enjoy Leora’s latest NCSY Camp Maor video titled “Camp Maor Hidden Secrets 2017” linked to this blog post. 

Tune in tomorrow evening at 9:15 pm for another one of a kind NCSY Camp Maor Havdalah!

Have a Great Shabbos!

Keep Shining,

The NCSY Camp Maor Crew