BLOG -Summer 2018

A Note from the Director: Rachel Klein

Hello NCSY Camp Maor Families! Today the campers completed their final dress rehearsal for The Snow Queen. The ladies have been working hard all month, memorizing their lines and staging, creating fantastical characters, and working on developing their confidence. The campers spent the week working

A Message from Returning Counselor, Racheli Brakha

Last summer was my first time ever being a sleep-away camp counselor. In the past, I’ve worked at camp, but never as a sleep away camp counselor. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. My friends who had been counselors here the

A Message from Enny Wax, Musical Director

Dear NCSY Camp Maor Families, We are here in the home stretch, getting ready to put on an unbelievable show and knock your socks off and WOW, what an amazing few weeks it has been! This summer, the girls have been learning 3 songs, a

A Message from Shaindel Antelis, Visiting Artist

It’s been an awesome weekend at NCSY Camp Maor! On Friday, we filmed somefootage for my new music video “Am Yisroel Chai” by the lake! The girls learned parts of the song so they could sing along in the video. We had great sessions together

A Message from Our Assistant Director, Rena Rubin

As a Maoriginal staff member, it has been incredible to see how NCSY Camp Maor has evolved over the past five years. One of the missions of this camp is to help girls believe in themselves and find their power within to stand up for

A message from Nadine Azoulay, Dance Major Instructor

Giving artistic knowledge to other young ladies becomes pleasurable and fulfilling once you have trust in yourself to stay true to your passion. The NCSY Camp Maor ladies are growing with their art, and I believe they shall take the spark of artistic flavor with