A Message from Enny Wax, Musical Director

Dear NCSY Camp Maor Families,

We are here in the home stretch, getting ready to put on an unbelievable show and knock your socks off and WOW, what an amazing few weeks it has been!

This summer, the girls have been learning 3 songs, a camp song based on our summer theme, “Believe”, a song connected to the Broadway show we saw and the play they will be performing for you on our Finale Day, and a song based on a tefillah.

In only the past few weeks, these wonderful young ladies have not only learned 3 songs, but have also mastered multiple harmonies and mashups! They have learned how to utilize their voices to their highest potential, delivering sounds that are sweet, empowered and from the heart. It has been a privilege watching them work together as a team, all while helping and encouraging each other in every way. Both returning and first time campers have shown tremendous vocal growth in this short amount of time. They have learned how to be in tune (pun intended!) with their voices, not to push, not to strain and to sing naturally and comfortably. Lessons have encompassed instruction on posture, breath support, diction and enunciation, phrasing and rhythm, projection, inflections, music stylization techniques, delivery, and so much more!

This summer, we did something new and exciting with the girls. They recorded their own backing track! Each girl recorded a designated harmony and/or mashup over the course of several sessions. The tracks were mixed and blended into a beautiful harmony of voices, which they will sing to on Finale Day! You WILL be impressed!

Yesterday, we traveled to Camp HASC, where the girls delivered an amazing and unforgettable performance. I can tell you first hand that people everywhere said it was the best performance ever and I have to say, I wholeheartedly agree! What made it even more special was an incident that happened early on. During our younger division’s first song, a HASC camper inadvertently caused the backing track to pause mid song. While the girls initially had a look of panic on their faces, they did not miss a beat and continued on, with perfect timing and even more ruach than before. Staff and counselors in attendance joined me in directing our girls and within seconds, the performance was elevated to new heights and everyone in the auditorium was cheering and clapping for them. When the song finished, the applause was deafening, but more importantly, the girls were flush with pride at a job incredibly well done, at their incredible dedication and team work, even in the face of an unexpected performance issue. As Musical Director, and I think I speak for our entire staff, I have not have been prouder of them as I was at that moment!

Our performance at Camp HASC is always a highlight but this year was truly the best yet!

NCSY Camp Maor is all about giving girls professional caliber instruction in the performing arts, in a safe, orthodox and incredibly fun and uplifting environment. While it is so sad that we will soon be closing out our 2018 season, we know that we have all already had the Best. Summer. Ever and look forward to welcoming your daughters back for another adventure in 2019!

Keep Shining, Keep Singing!

Enny Wax
Musical Director, NCSY Camp Maor