A message from Nadine Azoulay, Dance Major Instructor

Giving artistic knowledge to other young ladies becomes pleasurable and fulfilling once you have trust in yourself to stay true to your passion. The NCSY Camp Maor ladies are growing with their art, and I believe they shall take the spark of artistic flavor with them for a fantastic school year to come. 

Nadine Azoulay is a second-year dance instructor at NCSY Camp Maor. We are so pleased to have her on staff, and wish her a hearty mazal tov on her upcoming marriage. 

Their understanding of what a Ballet line could potentially look and feel like is, at this stage of the program, already starting to develop. In their choreography workshop, the campers believed in themselves to try formulating their own movements and fearlessly show others. And what a fantastic job they did!


My name is Nadine Dina Azoulay, and I believe in the fruits of dance and yoga. Our body has a world of expressive capabilities and I am honored to be involved this way at NCSY Camp Maor 2018.