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About The Trip

A Message from Rabbi Josh and Rebbetzin Bethany, Chinuch Director

campmaor July 12, 2019

Aaannddd Shiur is back at Camp Maor for another fabulous summer! This time, we are exploring the theme of friendship from a Torah perspective. Last week, we discussed the value of trusting in others by playing a variation on the prisoner dilemma game and by learning relevant Mishnayos in Pirkei Avos. This week, we analyzed the challenges that may arise when chesed and emes conflict. We discussed several real-life cases and explored the halachic and moral implications of each case.

Campers also created a giant friendship bracelet for this week which hangs in the dining room. Each camper wrote a slogan or illustrated a picture connecting to the theme of chesed and emes based on what they learned in Shiur this week. It is a stunning display of individuality and creativity merging with unity and friendship. Thank you to Caitlin, Visual Arts Director, and Tehila, day camp counselor, for your help with this project!

Finally, our first two Parsha Challenges have been highly successful in helping the students engage fully in the text of the Chumash as well as work cooperatively with their bunk members. It is so beautiful to see how much effort the girls put into the Parsha Challenge each week as they sharpen their independent learning skills and build up their resilience, resourcefulness, teamwork, and respect for each other. Looking forward to a wonderful Shabbos with the campers!