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About The Trip

A Message from Chava, Former Camper & Current Counselor

campmaor July 16, 2019

My name is Chava. I was a camper at Camp Maor for four summers. Those four summers were probably the best summers of my life. I went to Israel last summer, but I couldn’t stay away from Maor. When I came back from Israel, I went up to Maor for a visit on the last Shabbat of camp and it was amazing Shabbat. 

This summer I am back again as a counselor. I am the Rivka 8/9 counselor and it could not be a better experience. As a counselor my perspective of camp is different than a camper’s, obviously, but it is still a wonderful way to experience Maor.

As a counselor, I get to watch my campers do what I did for four years: rehearse, rehearse and rehearse some more. I also get to participate in some of their activities and join electives.  One of my favorite electives this year was Pound, taught by Kasiah Kluger, who is the voice major instructor. Pound has nothing to do with singing, though. It is a creative workout using drumsticks. The workout was so intense that we couldn’t really walk to our next activity! 

My favorite part of being a counselor, though, is something I never got to do when I was a camper: use a walkie-talkie! They are the coolest things ever! They are also really useful on the rare occasion that they work. I can call any staff member for help if need be, and I feel really cool when I do it. 

Camp Maor feels like a family from day one. Every year there are new people who join that family, and other people who have to move away, but even those who move away come back to visit sometimes. 

Even though it’s only been two weeks of camp, I really enjoy being a counselor and I get a lot of nachas from my campers, some of whom I’ve only known for two weeks. 

Can’t wait for another two amazing weeks of camp!