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About The Trip

A Message from Rachel Klein, Theater Director

campmaor July 12, 2019

Hello fans of of the superstars at NSCY Camp Maor! Rachel Klein here, the director of this year’s production of the Jungle Book, adapted from the novel by award winning playwright, Ashley Griffin. In addition to working on memorizing their lines and developing their characters, the campers have been working on creating the physical life of their animal characters, to transform the Maor stage into an exciting, active jungle.

The campers this year are portraying a vast array of creatures from the animal kingdom, spanning from monkeys to vultures, to jungle cats to elephants. In addition to working hard and having a lot of fun in rehearsal, they are working on studying the specificity of each animal, and bringing the characters to life in great detail. They are asking thoughtful questions in rehearsal, taking risks and making bold choices. Everyone is incredibly excited about the final performance this year, and we look forward to welcoming you all to the jungle!