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About The Trip

The Blog Post You’ve Been Waiting For… Literally

campmaor July 19, 2019

Hi! My name is Maayan. Last year at NCSY Camp Maor I spent my days with the
cutest staff kids in the world while soaking up Maor culture and ideals. This year, I
came back to the culture not as a day camp counselor, but as the Ruach Coordinator.
As the Ruach Coordinator, I try to ensure that the campers are having fun and
smiling all day long.

This year was Maor’s first ever Color War! Color War was a great opportunity for the
girl to let their Ruach shine through. We saw their Ruach from the very minute
Color War was broken out, to the Apache race on the first night, to their cheers for
achdus before the winner was announced. Whether because they were cheering for
their friends, or coming up with their team anthem, seeing the girls get into color
war was really heart-warming.

Shabbos is also no less than incredible. During our Friday night Shabbat meal, you
can hear the thunderous cheering from down the road! Girls up their chairs, smiles
on wide, the Shabbos Ruach is there for everyone.

This isn’t only fun for the campers… I’m having a blast too! My favorite is when the
girls start cheering their bunk cheers, each bunk with pride to cheer for their bunk.
But I must admit that random dance parties at meals or snack is a close second. I’m
loving it here at Maor, and am so excited for the rest of the summer!