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About The Trip

Grateful for our NCSY Camp Maor Family

campmaor July 8, 2020

The journey to Maor@Home began on Purim when communities in New York began to lock down at an alarming rate. I immediately called Rena and told her we needed to stay home to save camp. We watched the news and the numbers grow and quickly realized that in-person camp was not going to be possible for us this year. And so we pivoted to create Maor@Home. 

Our vision was to provide an opportunity for our campers to continue their path to Performing Arts through a Torah environment in a healthy and safe manner. It was very important to us both that any staff who wished to join us would have a place in Maor@Home because every single individual who is part of NCSY Camp Maor is our family. How appropriate that our first week of camp’s theme is Gratitude to Family. 

We would like to take this opportunity to demonstrate our deepest gratitude to the entire staff of Maor@Home. With the exception of one counselor who could not participate, every single other staff member signed on to be a part of this program! And just like Bnei Yisrael, they did it “naaseh v’nishma”; they said yes and then asked how they could help. 

So we’d like to thank our family for their commitment, hard work and perseverance: 

Elisheva Hirsch: Co-Head Counselor (Former camper and 3rd year staff member) 

Meira Edelstein: Co-Head Counselor (Former camper and 2nd year staff member) 

Maayan Sandowski: Ruach Coordinator (3rd year staff member) 

Lynne Lubash: Camp Mom/Communication Coordinator (2nd year staff member)

Merav Minkin: Camp Nurse/Camper Care Specialist (2nd year staff member)

Rabbi Josh Strulowitz: Camp Rabbi (Maoriginal 7th year staff member)

Dr. Bethany Strulowitz: Camp Rebbetzin (Maoriginal 7th year staff member)

Rachel Klein: Concentration – Acting (Maoriginal 7th year staff member)

Enny Wax: Concentration – Singing (Maoriginal 7th year staff member)

Rhonda Malkin: Concentration – Dancing (Maoriginal 7th year staff member)

Rachelle Freedman: Master Class – Stage (6th year staff member) 

Sydney Blair: Master Class – Stage (3rd year staff member)

Nadine Azoulay: Master Class – Dance (4th year staff member)

Kasiah Kluger: Master Class – Voice (2nd year staff member)

Abbey Lewis: Master Class – Art (New family member!) 

Emily Goldberg: Miriam Counselor (Former camper and 1st year staff member)

Miriam Kaplan: Miriam & Esther Camp Mom (New family member!)

Tehila Strulowitz: Miriam Counselor (Maoriginal former camper and 2nd year staff member)

Ilana Epstein: Esther Counselor (Former camper and 2nd year staff member)

Gillian Herzage: Esther Counselor (Maoriginal former camper and 2nd year staff member)

Atira Ross: Rivka Counselor (Maoriginal former camper and 3rd year staff member)

Aviva Broth: Rivka Counselor (Maoriginal former camper and 1st year staff member)

Esti Toban: V’Serach counselor (Former camper and 1st year staff member)

Liba Garfinkel: V’Serach counselor (New family member!)

Have an easy and meaningful fast. 

Keep Shining, 

Sari Kahn                        Rena Rubin

Maoriginal Director      Maoriginal Assistant Director